What is Home Watch?

The National Home Watch Association defines Home Watch as the visual inspection of a home or property looking for obvious issues.

Who are Coconut Home Watch Clients?

  • Part-time residents
  • Second home owners
  • Frequent travelers

Why should I use a Home Watch Company?

Professional – Bonded – Insured

Many individuals choose to have a friend or family member look after their home while they are away, but friends and family don’t necessarily know what to look for. By hiring a Home Watch Company you can have the peace of mind that a trained professional is looking after your home. You also have the peace of mind that the person looking after your home is bonded and insured if something goes wrong.

Why Hire An Accredited Home Watch Business?


Florida Weather – Hurricanes – Humidity

Any Florida native knows that the weather in Florida can go from paradise to terrifying in less than 24 hours. Specifically, the tropical storms, hurricanes, flooding, and humidity can be severely damaging to homes.

  • Hurricanes have caused extensive home damages in the past few seasons. Who is watching your home?

    Hurricanes and other storms can sometimes come out of nowhere. Trees and limps can smash windows, flooding can cause sever damage, power outages could flip key breakers, the list goes on and on. A quick and accurate survey by a Home Watch professional can literally save you thousands.

  • Humidity can also be a nightmare if it goes unnoticed for an extended period. Mold loves humid weather, and here in Florida we’ve got plenty of humidity. Mold can cost thousands of dollars in repair, severely damage home values, and cause serious health concerns. Like with storm damage, mold damage can be mitigate by early detection.
  • Burglary – Any home that is left vacant is vulnerable to theft. By having a home watch company keep an eye on the property and maintain the presence of occupation (Check mail, etc) your home will be much less vulnerable.

Why should I choose Coconut Home Watch?

  • Black mold can develop while you are away!

    Locally owned– This is our community, our people. It’s more than just looking after your home, it’s keeping our community safe. This is where our family lives, this is where our kids went to school, this is home. Therefore, we only focus on the Ft Myers, Estero and the Bonita Springs area. This is our “back yard” and no one knows it better than us.

  • Family owned & operated – Some companies say they are family owned and operated, but hire untrained professionals to help. That’s not how we do business. This is our livelihood and our reputation on the line. If they aren’t family, they will never step foot in your home.
  • Longtime Florida residents & Longtime business owners – Our family has lived almost our entire lives in Florida, and most of that time we have been business owners. Being in the home watch business requires a good understanding of the Florida environment. Many of the critical factors to look for in Florida homes (hurricanes, mold, etc.) are more unique to Florida than other places. That’s why it’s important to hire someone who knows and understand these unique problems, not only from the business perspective but also as homeowners ourselves. It was through out experience as business owners that we recognized this need for more home watch professional that truly understood the local environment.

More than just a Home Watch company

We also provide the following services:

  • Key Service (Meet contractors, Pest Control, Supervision, Accept Deliveries, Etc.)
  • Hurricane Shutter Installation & Removal
  • Mail Forwarding
  • Opening/Closing Home for Arrival/Departure
  • Post-Storm Assessment & Cleanup
  • Auto Care (Start vehicle/Visual Inspection/Drive, Etc.)
  • Serve as Security Alarm Notification Agent